The radiant sun
towering in the clear blue sky
The crisp breeze
ruffles the waves.
Deep in crystal waters,
my eyes are lost
in a thousand circles of reflected light.
Lulled by the splashing of water
by the shore.
Salt tightens my skin,
and I know that this is my summer

                           Roberta Tresoldi



I have often asked myself what is art. What makes it become art.
Well, this is what I would say: art is an act of absolute love brought to completion, in other words the Sublimation of ideas transformed into emotions. When your emotion is shared with others, then we can say that art speaks a universal language.
Roberta Tresoldi


Self-introduction of a painter
When I was a child, my favourite pastime was hanging out in my backyard to watch flowers and insects collecting and categorising them, as if I could possess them.
I was fascinated above all by colours and shapes, and so I started painting things and sights since I was little.
Nothing of what I did would satisfy me; it was all too far from the deep emotions I was experiencing, but I had a strong urge to challenge myself.
Many years have gone by now, and I realise that nothing has changed, as though time had not passed inside this vision.
It is true that some feelings and emotions never grow old.
Eternal desire to remain children? Perhaps! But it is also true that childhood holds the magical moment of an entire existence.

To all those I will be able to communicate the smallest emotion through my creativity.
Roberta Tresoldi

The improvisations and condensations of time and space are in the works of Roberta Tresoldi: an artist who, observing what is surrounding her, projects it inward to transform it into poetic tales with shades and signs revealing her self. In her paintings you can detect her love for nature, which moves her to conjure up pantheistic views as profound insights on consumerist society.
Time seems to stop in the pulse of her tones, in the alternating effects, consonance and memories which become, for the artist, landscapes alive with descriptions and colours investing all things and reflecting the gardens of the soul and the captivating nebulae of dreams. Narrative elements take shape and make you perceive the transmutation of matter and the metaphor for idyllic memories, in harmonious impressions established with elusive strokes, leaving almost evolving signs. Here we find the artist and her universe of lace work, intricacy and colours, following her brush strokes drawing feelings and ideas. Spirit voices are floating withing the colours of posidonias, anemones and coral, often pulled from deep lush backdrops.
The swaying of vibrant attinias, telling of hidden dangers through dark colour contrast, create fluttering tonal symphonies. Dark shades intensify the deep reds toning down, the spiritual violets lighting up into yellow and fading into a thousand blues turning into life-hopeful greens. The infinite azure blends with turquoise waters shimmering with a thousand bubbles, opening up to a journey into the shadows.
A tonal path builds the breeze that carries the scent of flowers or the splashing of waves rippling the sea, towards soothing melancholy or stormy turbulence. Light penetrates echoing amidst the greenery, flooding it with thousand shades and creating bright spells in the foreground, turning dark in the deep ravines. Cliffs brighten up in frothing storms, whirling in the sea gardens where multi-coloured gorgonias reach up towards a ray of life. Colours blissfully sing along the waves of meadows and arboreal tangles, or find home deep in the sea bed, in the woods and in vibrant bushes, all turning into harmonious chords where home is found for the nebulae of Roberta Tresoldi's pictorial universe.
Federica Murgia